Aug 13, 2020

Unified Commerce And Software Development For Retail Client Growth Plan Launched

A new unified commerce and custom software development service for retail clients has been launched. Sparq Worldwide work with retail businesses to achieve their growth goals and optimize their cultural processes.

Aug 13, 2020

If you've lost a job and are struggling during the pandemic, choosing the right credit card could relieve stress

TORONTO - Aug. 13, 2020 - PRLog -- Finding the best credit card to help pay bills is more important today than ever before, especially if you're under financial stress during the COVID-19 pandemic."We're offering unbiased advice on more than 200 Canadian credit cards. Our free on-line credit card course and free credit card guidebook can help you understand and choose the best credit card that will work for your specific needs," said Mohamed Konate Founder of example, those struggling financially, the MBNA True Line® Gold Mastercard® is an excellent option to consider. Although it has an annual fee of $39, it has a low interest rate of 8.99 per cent.Another great option is the Scotiabank Value® Visa* Card, which has a standard interest rate of 12,99 per cent for both purchases and cash advances and currently has an introductory interest rate of 0.99 per cent on balance transfers for the first 6 months.During these tough times, you should also be looking at cash back or point redemption cards at places where you shop."With COVID-19, people have to manage their cards well and leverage their cash back and points cards. We're seeing many people redeeming points for groceries," said Konate.If you have existing credit card debt and are finding it difficult to manage, you could find a balance transfer credit card offer with a low or zero percent promotional interest rate for six or 12 months. However, note there is normally a balance transfer fee, which is typically between one to and three per cent of the transferred amount."There is one caveat when choosing a balance transfer promotional offer. Make sure to pay off that balance before the end of the promotional interest rate period, otherwise the standard interest rate will apply to your balance, and that rate will be high."If you're carrying a balance every month look for a credit card with a low interest rate. You can find some as low as 7.99 per cent," said Konate.A credit card is a powerful financial tool for people who understand how to use it. For those interested in strengthening their financial literacy, the website has a free online credit card course geared to helping improve your knowledge of credit cards."To maximize the potential of a credit card, and fully make the best use of it, you need to understand how it works and how to leverage it as a financial tool. The course breaks down different credit cards, fees, interest rates, grace period and much more," said Konate.COVID-19 has affected everyone with many Canadians losing jobs and watching their finances.  Now, more than ever, it is important to understand the credit card fees being charged. It is recommended that you review and understand your credit card holder agreement, which is the contract between you and the financial institution.For example, some people are not aware that there's a fee for going above your limit. People also need to understand the credit utilization rate. If you have a credit card with a $2,000 limit but you're always carrying a monthly balance of $1,900, it will negatively affect your utilization rate of 95 per cent in this scenario.For a good utilization rate, it's suggested to avoid spending more than 30 percent of your credit limit otherwise it looks like you're not managing money well, which could have a negative impact on your credit score. When a financial institution pulls your credit information, they will see all your debts and see your credit utilization rate for each revolving debt."A negative credit score could also affect you several ways. It impacts your ability to find a mortgage, buy insurance, even your ability for finding a new a job," said Konate.About is an online comparison and ranking resource for credit cards. It helps Canadian consumers evaluate and understand their options to make informed decisions when choosing credit cards.It's a one-stop shop for selecting the best Canadian credit cards and offers objective and valuable information to help you search, compare, choose, and apply for credit cards. To learn more visit  For further information or to schedule an interview contact Mohamed Konate at 416-841-6615 or Konate***@myratecompass.caPhotos: (Click photo to enlarge) Read Full Story - If you've lost a job and are struggling during the pandemic, choosing the right credit card could relieve stress | More news from this sourcePress release distribution by PRLog

Aug 13, 2020

FRoffice Coworking Has Affordable Coworking Offices Centrally Located in Budapest, Hungary

August 14, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - FRoffice Coworking announced that businesses can rent some of their affordable coworking offices that are strategically located in the center of the capital city of Hungary. These temporary working spaces may be what businesses are looking for during the Covid-19 pandemic as they search for alternative working arrangements. They want to assure people that they follow the necessary protocols for protecting people from the threat of the coronavirus. These coworking spaces may also be used by companies who need their employees to have a temporary office in Budapest. Each of these coworking spaces have been designed to be flexible and customizable based on the needs of a particular business. A spokesperson for FRoffice Coworking says, “Are you a freelancer seeking after company during work? Or an entrepreneur, who looks for an office that flexibly adapts to the company’s pace of development? Are you a professional in need of a workstation, office or meeting room only once in a while? FRoffice is the coworking space for you!” Specifically, the services they provide include: office / coworking office for rent; meeting room; coaching room; and spaces for training/workshops/events. The standard office space is a community office where individuals such as freelancers and several businesses can work together. Companies may want to rent an entire office space for their employees, where they can work together in any kind of arrangement that they want, as long as they follow the necessary precautions against Covid-19. Individuals, on the other hand, may want to just rent a workstation but they will be able to work in an office environment involving lots of people, subject to Covid-19 precautions, of course. The spokesperson adds, “A lot of businesses will require more space for their employees as a result of the social distancing guidelines needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Instead of building more offices, a better and more affordable way of having more space is to rent coworking spaces. An important benefit is flexibility, which may not be possible by building more office spaces. Managers can decide the amount of coworking space that they would have to rent and for certain length of time, for instance, if they need the offices for a temporary project.” The office building is centrally located in Budapest at the intersection of Dózsa György út and Lehel utca. This means that it can be easily accessed by people. For instance, it can be accessed by tram number 12 or 14, subway M3, bus number 30 or 230, or by trolleybus number 75 or 79. Office workers will not have a problem with food since there are number of restaurants and fast food establishments in the area that can be accessed by foot. For those who want to cook their food, there is even a food market nearby. Each of these coworking spaces have been provided with the amenities that are usually found in regular offices. There are office equipment available for photocopying, printing, and other work-related activities. Meeting rooms are also available and these are equipped with a large screen TV and a flipchart that can be used for business presentations. And these meeting rooms can accommodate 8 to 10 people. Also available is a mastermind room provided with comfortable furniture for workshops, training sessions, and meetings. A two-person coaching room, is also available for those private and confidential conversations. In short, all of the amenities needed to help boost the creativity and productivity of the workers are made available. These are essential for companies to be able to thrive and grow. Furthermore, these coworking offices are also adequate for receiving visitors and clients. All of the spaces have been designed and furnished to provide the necessary professional atmosphere for businesses who want to impress their clients. People who are interested in renting a coworking space in Budapest may want to check out the FRoffice Coworking website, or contact them via the telephone or through email. In Hungarian / Magyarul: A FRoffice Coworking közleményében kijelentette, hogy a vállalkozások megfizethető közösségi irodát bérelhetnek, közel a főváros központjához. Ezek ideiglenes irodák amelyeket a vállalkozások keresnek a COVID-19 világjárvány idején, amikor az otthoni munka már nem egy járható út. Biztosítani akarják az ügyfeleiket, hogy betartják a szükséges protokollokat, hogy megvédjék az embereket a koronavírus veszélyeitől. Ezeket a coworking irodákat azok a cégek is használhatják, akiknek ideiglenes irodára van szükségük Budapesten. Ezeket a munkahelyi tereket úgy alakították ki, hogy rugalmasak és testreszabhatóak legyenek egy adott vállalkozás igényei alapján. Az FRoffice Coworking szóvivője azt nyilatkozta: „Ön szabadúszó, aki flexibilis irodát keres? Vagy vállalkozó, aki olyan irodát keres, amely rugalmasan alkalmazkodik a vállalat fejlődésének üteméhez? Ön olyan szakember, akinek csak időnként van szüksége munkaállomásra, irodára vagy tárgyalóra? Az FRoffice az Ön közösségi irodája! Konkrétabban, az általuk nyújtott szolgáltatások a következőket foglalják magukban: iroda / coworking iroda bérlés; tárgyaló; tréning szoba; és coaching szoba / workshop / rendezvények. A szokásos iroda egy közösségi helyiség, ahol egyének, például szabadúszók és több vállalkozás együtt dolgozhatnak. Lehet, hogy a vállalatok egy teljes irodát bérelnek az alkalmazottaik számára, ahol bármilyen nekik kényelmes elrendezésben dolgozhatnak, feltéve, hogy betartják a COVID-19 elleni szükséges óvintézkedéseket. Ugyanakkor az egyének esetleg csak bérelnek egy munkaállomást, ám irodai környezetben tudnak dolgozni, sok embert bevonva. A szóvivő hozzáteszi: „Nagyon sok vállalkozás több helyet fog igényelni alkalmazottainak a COVID-19 elterjedésének megakadályozásához szükséges társadalmi távolságtartási iránymutatások okán. Ahelyett, hogy több irodát építene, a közösségi irodahelyiségek bérlése egy jobb és megfizethetőbb módja az irodahelység használatnak. Fontos előny a rugalmasság, ami esetleg nem lehetséges, ha több irodahelyiséget épít be. A cégvezetők eldönthetik, hogy mennyi helyet foglalnak el a bérléskor és mennyi időtartamra, ha egy ideiglenes projekthez irodára van szükségük.” Az irodaház Budapest központjában található, a Dózsa György út és a Lehel utca kereszteződésénél. Ez azt jelenti, hogy könnyen megközelíthető bárhonnan Budapestről. Megközelíthető a 12-es vagy 14-es villamossal, az M3-as metróval, a 30-as vagy a 230-as busszal vagy a 75-es vagy 79-es trolibusszal. A coworkereknek könnyű dolga lesz ha éhesek, mivel számos étterem és gyorsétterem van a közelben, mely gyalogosan könnyen megközelíthető. A munkatársak ugyanolyan kényelemben részesülnek, amelyet általában a rendes irodákban található. Rendelkezésre áll irodai felszerelés fénymásoláshoz, nyomtatáshoz és egyéb munkával kapcsolatos tevékenységekhez. Vannak rendezvénytermek a közösségi irodában, nagyméretű TV-vel és flipcharttal vannak felszerelve, amelyek üzleti prezentációkhoz használhatóak. Ezek a tárgyalótermek 8-10 fő befogadására alkalmasak. Rendelkezésre áll egy coaching szoba is, kényelmes bútorokkal ellátva, megfelelő tréningek és találkozók számára is és akár magán- és bizalmas beszélgetésekhez. Röviden: a munkavállalók kreativitásának és termelékenységének fellendítéséhez szükséges összes kényelmet rendelkezésre áll. Ezek nélkülözhetetlenek a vállalatok számára a hatékony munkához és a növekedéshez. A közösségi irodák alkalmasak a látogatók és az ügyfelek fogadására is. Az összes teret úgy tervezték és rendezték be, hogy biztosítsák a szükséges professzionális légkört azoknak a vállalkozásoknak, akik szeretnének lenyűgözni ügyfeleiket. Azoknak, akik érdeklődnek a budapesti coworking iroda bérléséről, érdemes megnézniük az FRoffice Coworking webhelyet illetve telefonon vagy e-mailben kapcsolatba lépni velük. ###For more information about FRoffice Coworking, contact the company here:FRoffice CoworkingFRoffice Coworking+36 30 202 5600info@froffice.huBudapest, Lehel u. 14, 1134 HungaryReleaseID: 60037492

Aug 13, 2020

The Painting Pros Offers Virtual Estimates For Exterior Painting Projects

August 14, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Los Gatos, California based The Painting Pros is pleased to announce that they can now run virtual estimates for their customers. This eliminates the need for them to enter a customer’s home in person when scheduling an exterior painting project. The Painting Pros has been offering high quality painting services to the residents and businesses of California since 1978. Cleve Dayton, owner of The Painting Pros, says, “When someone visits your home or your business, the first thing that they are greeted with is the building itself. It’s very important that the exterior of your home or business looks great. If you have peeling, faded or chipped painting, it is more than likely that you’ll be judged negatively. Therefore, it is paramount that you make sure that the exterior of your home or commercial building is kept as clean and pristine as it can look with a fresh coat of premium paint.” Dayton continues, “Of course, you can do it yourself. You might be tempted to, especially if you’ve done a few DIY projects in your time. While taking on the project yourself will save you a few bucks in the short term, however, you’ll probably end up regretting that decision later. The truth is that, unless you have extensive painting experience, the right materials and a fair amount of time to invest into the project, you’ll have a hard time with it. Hiring a professional painter, on the other hand, will save you lots of hassle, and the end results will also be excellent — especially if you hire the right professional.” The Painting Pros says that it is important to know that the company one hires for their painting projects is reputable, experienced and knowledgeable. The Painting Pros has been in the painting business for over 40 years and have proven themselves as leaders in their industry. The company asserts that they are both responsive and reliable, and they make it a priority to complete the job right and on time. The Painting Pros uses only the highest quality paints and primers to produce a smoother and cleaner look that lasts much longer without fading, chipping or flaking. The company also has a team of trained technicians and the proper tools and materials to ensure the job is done correctly. Dayton says, “When you are working with us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We understand the differences between commercial and residential painting, and we undertake each project with the necessary considerations in mind. There are a number of critical differences between painting a commercial building and painting a home, and if you don’t know how to approach each project, you stand to ruin everything. That will never be the case with us.” The Painting Pros is also an environmentally conscious company. They are certified as a lead-safe company, and they have been trained (as required by EPA) to follow lead-safe practices. If lead-based paint is discovered on homes built before 1978, the company’s technicians know how to apply these practices in any painting, repair or renovation project they perform on the home. Further, the company voluntarily requested an evaluation from Green America, who awarded The Painting Pros the ‘Certified Green’ distinction — awarded to companies that ‘adopt principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities and the planet.’ However, this is not the extent of the recognition that the Painting Pros has achieved. Their excellence in the field has also earned them the honor of being one of the few elite painting companies that has been awarded the prestigious Diamond Certified Award for high quality and customer service. That means clients of The Painting Pros get the best possible results and excellent customer service that they expect and deserve. Dayton says, “You should never settle for an exterior painting company that’s just mediocre. Choose a company that strives to go the extra mile and continuously improve. That’s us.” Those who want to learn more about The Painting Pros and their services are welcome to visit the company's website. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Cleve Dayton directly via email or phone, and the company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. The Painting Pros maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers. ###For more information about The Painting Pros, Inc., contact the company here:The Painting Pros, Inc.Cleve Dayton4084189912cleve@paintingpros.com14960 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos, CA, 95032ReleaseID: 60037510

Aug 13, 2020

CoCounselor Legal Practice Management Software Announces A New Website

August 14, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Atlanta, Georgia based CoCounselor is pleased to announce the launch of their new and updated website. All interested parties are welcome to visit the site at "We wanted to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to the community to go visit our website," states Mark Lally of CoCounselor. The launch of their new website marks the culmination of several months of continuous effort on the company's part. Lally continues, “While most of the improvements made to the site focus on accessibility and ease of use, we have also managed to refine most of our existing features while adding some brand new ones in the process. Most of them aim to make our clients’ lives easier, both by facilitating navigation across the site and by providing more complete services. It also provides access to resources that are available to them at any given time.” Every feature on the website aims to highlight their most prominent product: a cloud-based software specially designed for law firms. From providing clear descriptions of their feature-rich software, details on pricing and more, this space seeks to clear any and all inquiries and doubts that the company's prospective clients may have about the product. Through the site, the company offers demonstrations, guides and personal advice on how to use their software, helping their clients make the most of it and understand its functions. As for the product itself, CoCounselor provides prospect pages that are custom-tailored to suit a given law firm as well as optimize its intake processes. This optimization helps save time and money on intake data entry by accepting potential client data directly through custom webforms, delegating responsibilities regarding record ownership and automated tasks. CoCounselor's software can automate various tasks, such as the production of scheduled reports that allow firms to accurately track the success of marketing campaigns. In addition, their software also allows firms to track all new potential client calls and automatically create a new prospect record with detailed information. This includes auto-tagging for marketing campaigns, automatically-synced caller ID Information, recorded calls and instant message notifications of missed calls. "Our software continues to help after you have taken in these prospects and turned them into a client, as we also provide aid in terms of client and case management," says Lally. "Case management takes up 90% of your firm's time. Being able to navigate quickly through your case management solutions is incredibly crucial for the growth, efficiency and success of your firm. Our software offers just that, providing valuable insight into all aspects of an individual case, including case information, source, and more without having to flip to other screens or apps. Since your time is incredibly valuable, good organization and easily accessible information can lighten your burden and help you focus on what is really important." When it comes to the automatization of more important tasks, the CoCounselor platform does not fail to deliver. For instance, the company states users can automatically schedule events for any new cases. Certain rules can be created to streamline this and several other processes, such as syncing existing Google or Outlook calendars, tracking employee progress within a specified task and creating email alerts for key events, among other tasks. CoCounselor asserts that their software can also assist firms with document management. The software creates a unique Google Drive folder for each document that is assigned to a specific case, requiring no more than a few extra clicks to set up and finish. This allows them to save money on file storage while simultaneously allowing them to access files anywhere, on any device, and securely sharing these files/folders as needed with view-only or edit access. "Through our software, we offer law firms all across the US a way to streamline their operations and focus their efforts on the matters that truly require their attention," states Lally. "We'll work with you to make sure that you make the best out of our platform and have it positively impact your operation within the shortest time frame possible. Your success translates to ours as well, so it is within our best interests to guide you and see that it comes to fruition." The company's website offers more details on CoConselor and their products, features and pricing. Interested parties may also reach out to Mark Lally to follow up on inquiries. Additionally, the company can be reached through their social media pages or you can review how they stack up in the legal practice management software market at their Capterra page ###For more information about CoCounselor, contact the company here:CoCounselorMark Lally(404) 419-7893info@cocounselor.com3391 Peachtree Rd NE #110 Atlanta, GA 30326ReleaseID: 60037440

Aug 13, 2020

Brentwood CA Paintless Vehicle Dent Removal Mobile Repair Service Launched

Brentwood Dent Erasers, contactable on +1-925-526-7419, have launched a mobile paintless dent repair service, rapidly removing vehicle dents at the customer's location of choice

Aug 13, 2020

Villas In Marbella Nueva Andalucia Costa del Sol Modern Luxury Homes Announced

Nueva Andalucia, Marbella famous Andalucia Realty estate agency and its subsidiary company Boutique Homes contactable on 34-952-814-767 has announced the development of three brand new villas in Costa del Sol.

Aug 13, 2020

Ellis County TX Shingle Roof Installation And Repair Expert Services Launched

Waxahachie, Texas, roofing contractor Daughters Roofing recently updated its range of professional and affordable shingle roof installation and roof repair solutions for homes in Ellis County.

Aug 13, 2020

WCAG Website Disabilities Accessibility ADA Compliance Services Launched

A service offering website compliance to the WCAG and ADA has been launched by a marketing firm making full compliance 100% automatic, using machine-learning and computer vision technologies.

Aug 13, 2020

Expert Painters Share Tips For Professional Residential Exterior Painting

August 14, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - O'Fallon, Missouri based HBP Painting Contractors recently published a new blog post about exterior painting. In this article, the local painters share their several tips and pieces of professional advice on the topic, based on their years of industry experience. They hope that this post will help homeowners learn what to do and what to avoid while painting the exterior surfaces of their properties. Cody Hartrum of HBP Painting Contractors, states, "While residential painting can be an exhausting and lengthy task, it is also simple enough that anyone can do it. The difficult part, however, is doing it right. A fresh coat of paint can add value and curb appeal to your home — but only if done properly. There are several aspects that you must consider and keep in mind if you are thinking about painting the exterior of your property by yourself. From the necessary preparations to the equipment that you need and more, we offer our advice and guidance to help you achieve a professional result while painting the exterior of your house." The post, which can be accessed for free on their blog, outlines what the company believes are the 10 most important tips to achieve a professional look on an exterior house painting project. While this is a challenging task, the company states that the result should reflect the effort that was put into the project. The first of the tips on exterior painting given by the company is to buy and prepare all the necessary materials and tools in advance. This is the best way to streamline and facilitate the process, saving time and helping avoid any inconvenient trips to the store. Some of the most important tools that will be necessary include a pressure washer, paint sprayer, paintbrushes and rollers, ladders and exterior caulking, among others. Once the materials and tools are prepared, the local painters state that the next item in line is to clean the surface that will be painted. A clean surface helps paint adhere better, and produces a smoother result. Loose paint should be scraped off and sanded down to smoothness. Any surface damage discovered during the cleaning should be repaired, with holes or cracks being treated with epoxy filler. Once all repairs and cleaning are done, the company states that the next step is to protect any surrounding surfaces that may unintentionally be exposed to paint. They advise the use of drop cloths and plastic sheeting to protect landscaping, outdoor furnishings or other items that cannot be moved. Trim, doors and windows should be protected with painter's tape, and gaps between these should be filled with caulk. With all the preparations done, the HBP Painting Contractors experts state that all that is left is to proceed with the painting of the house. Hartrum states, "You'll want to pay special attention when you paint the siding and trim, spraying from top to bottom, overlapping each stroke. Depending on the type of paint, you may need a second coat of paint to achieve the best result, and with that your exterior painting project should be finished." For those who are not familiar or do not possess the proper equipment for the project, the company advises hiring professional painters. This guarantees a high-quality result, saving time and effort as well as minimizing any disruptions to the homeowner's day to day life. Boasting over 30 years of experience, HBP Painting believes in doing each job right the first time. They offer a 3-year guarantee on all of their services, simultaneously offering peace of mind to their clients in the process. HBP Painting Contractor's services include Interior and Exterior Painting for Residential and Commercial properties, Cabinet Paintings and Deck Paintings, among several others. All of their projects are carried out by their licensed and bonded team of professionals, each of whom are insured against any damages or injuries that may occur on the job. The company's website offers more details about HBP Painting and their services, and interested parties may reach out to Cody Hartrum to follow up on any inquiries. Additionally, the company can be reached through their social media pages. ###For more information about HBP Painting Contractors, contact the company here:HBP Painting ContractorsCody Hartrum(636) 544-1254Office@preppaintrepeat.com615 Westridge Dr.O'Fallon, MO 63366ReleaseID: 60037511

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