May 17, 2021

Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Technology for Retirement Communities by Caspar.AI

Sounding the Alarm on Wearables SAN FRANCISCO - May 17, 2021 - ( If something can go wrong at exactly the wrong moment, it probably will. That is the gist of Murphy's Law, and when a retirement community resident is most at risk for an incident such as a fall - at night, in the bathroom, in the shower - is when they are most likely to NOT be wearing their alerting pendant. Or they are out of reach of a pullcord. Or they are physically unable to signal for help. "This is exactly when Artificial Intelligence [AI] can provide early detection of potential falls," says Dr. Ashutosh Saxena, Founder and CEO of Caspar.AI. Dr. Saxena continues: "Human-centered technology from ambient sensors in the apartment home can be used to detect incidents such as falls without the use of pullcords or pendants. AI learns resident movements and knows when to signal a community manager for assistance." On her website, Florida Elder Lawyer Beth Prather points out the challenges that arise when residents fail to wear their alerting pendant. She goes on the mention that the monthly cost of a single-feature pendant can be expensive. Comments along the same line can be found at Because wearables are not always worn there can be gaps in protection for residents. Caring Senior Services points out that some devices must be removed to recharge and that some devices are uncomfortable for residents to wear during sleep. Wearable devices fail to consistently alert since residents forget to wear the device or they remove it Says Lutheran Life President and CEO Sloan Bentley: "We strive to implement the best technology for our resident's safety and well-being. We have found that wearable devices fail to consistently alert the team of situations since residents forget to wear the device or remove during dressing and grooming." The Concerns with Wearables: Residents do not wear them all the time. Wearables sometimes need to be removed to charge. Wearables are often removed for sleep. Wearables are almost always removed for the shower or bath. Management of wearables creates additional work for community staff - Lost pendants, testing, etc. The answer is a series of ambient sensors in the apartment home that bring human-centered technology into the retirement community. Such a system is available from Caspar.AI. Based on seven patents, the Caspar AI sensors track residents in their apartments and can alert community staff in case a resident is inactive due to a fall. No wearables are required. Paired with that is the ability for residents to use voice command to call for help if needed. Don't be lulled into the belief that wearables bring 24/7/365 protection for residents. They don't. But Caspar.AI does! Contact: Joe Anderson, Press Release Service by Original Source: Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Technology for Retirement Communities by Caspar.AI

May 17, 2021

Branding Reputable Niche Specific Killer Hyper Focused Local Ads Campaign Online

Global reputation management company, Green Mars Media, announces its updated branding services for niche businesses. The company uses hyper-focused ads to build strong online visibility campaigns

May 17, 2021

Louisville KY Heating/Cooling HVAC Furnace Repair Emergency Service Launched

A newly updated furnace repair and maintenance service has been launched for Louisville, Kentucky customers. D&M Service Company provides fast, efficient and reliable service.

May 17, 2021

International Water-Guard Industries Inc. (IWG) receives Patents for their Intelligent Pre-Select Water Quantity System

The Pre-Select Water Quantity System from IWG gives airlines a simple way to reduce hundreds of pounds of unnecessary weight and carbon emissions     Canadian Patent No. 2,984,308 and USA Patent No. US 10,815,007 B2   IWG’s Intelligent Water Quantity Pre-Select System gives airlines control over the amount of water uploaded into the aircraft by providing real-time data on how much water is used on every flight.     By uploading more water than needed, airlines carry and burn more fuel.     The typical size of a potable water tank on a commercial narrow-body jet is 60 gallons, which full, weighs approximately 500lbs.  The actual water-usage data collected from IWG’s Pre-Select System is proving to airlines they can save up to 400lbs per flight by only filling what they need.  400lbs saved every flight can mean millions of dollars in annual fuel savings for large airlines.  Furthermore, this System from IWG saves more weight per flight than the combined usual airline weight-saving initiatives such as removing snacks, cutlery, magazines, and other items that passengers value.   When filling the aircraft potable water tank, the industry default practice has always been ‘fill-to-spill’ because there simply was no easy way for airlines to know how much water was needed on any given flight, until now.  “Airlines fill their water tanks to capacity, which leads to carrying more fuel, which leads to emitting more carbon into the atmosphere” said Steven Bis, President and CEO of International Water-Guard.   “IWG’s Pre-Select System solves all that.  It allows airlines to control the amount of water uploaded by pre-selecting the optimal target based on water-usage data from previous flights.  Airlines can now install the IWG Pre-Select and eliminate hundreds of pounds of weight each flight by carrying an optimized amount of water, not only saving on fuel costs but also reducing carbon emissions” continued Steven.   IWG’s game-changing patented Intelligent Water Quantity Pre-Select System is both operationally and socially responsible; showing the world that the aviation industry is indeed taking climate change seriously.   IWG’s Pre-Select System is fully STC’d with Transport Canada, FAA, EASA, and ANAC, and is currently being applied to 737NG, MAX, and 737 Converted Freighter.  Additional airframe STC’s can be available.   About IWG   Based out of British Columbia, Canada, International Water-Guard (IWG) has been helping business and commercial aircraft worldwide to improve the quality of the onboard water system, protecting both passengers and crew from the risk of waterborne illnesses, and providing exceptional components to enhance the capability of OEM installed water systems. IWG is the leading provider of flight-certified potable water treatment units, on- demand water heaters, and innovative weight-reduction water components and systems. As a Transport Canada-approved organization with numerous US and Canadian Supplemental Type Certificates to its credit, IWG has the aviation experience to design, certify, and deliver the finest potable water treatment solutions. Visit     Media Contact Company Name: International Water-Guard Industries Inc. Contact Person: Lucrecia Leon Email: City: Surrey State: British Columbia Country: Canada Website:

May 17, 2021

FX Industry veteran Farrukh Adeeb launches new brokerage Inveslo

“Former Global Head of Business Development at FXTM launches a new venture.”   The former Global Head of Business Development at FXTM today announced the launch of a new business venture, Inveslo, to bring a revolutionary change in the investment world.     Inveslo has been established as a new brokerage firm with a focus on opportunities in Asia and Latin America.  As a specialist in flexible partnership solutions, the firm will deliver services designed to meet the needs of individual introducers, money managers, and educators who want to offer Retail Forex Trading to their clients. Inveslo will operate as a counterparty to the Exinity Group for liquidity.   Inveslo offers a comprehensive package of products and is available in the traditional online format. The company aims to position itself as the leading global provider in its genre and has formed its products to reflect transparency, stability, security and reliance, striving to help individuals to experience growth. And with the goal to benefit each client with all the assistance and tools that they require to succeed in the financial world, the company is all set to make its mark in the industry.   Commenting on the new venture, Mr Farrukh Adeeb said: “Throughout 2020 we have seen record interest in participation in the financial markets from individuals around the world, and from businesses wanting to earn from providing access to these services. Inveslo is perfectly positioned to serve this need by providing local partners with simple and rewarding ways to get their clients into FX trading.”     Inveslo’s foundation began in Dec 2020 with an intent to revolutionize trading. Not only does Mr Farrukh want Inveslo to cater to the clients’ needs but also the businesses wanting to earn from providing access to its services.   Inveslo will initially be based headquarter in Kazakhstan and plans to open business development offices in the Middle East, Latin America and SE Asia during 2021.   The company will serve individual clients with dedicated managers, customized packages, and tools, that are available for clients from entry-level to professional level. Further, Inveslo’s support staff will be available via live chat or email 24*7, to help & assist clients regarding its services.   Additionally, Inveslo will also be including information education programs to offer clients with information guides, tutorials, articles, and more, that will further help the clients gain insights.     Farrukh Adeeb +448082734777     Media Contact Company Name: Inveslo Contact Person: Mr Farrukh Adeeb Email: Send Email City: Uralsk State: West Kazakhstan region Country: Kazakhstan Website:

May 17, 2021

Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Market worth USD 10.0 billion by 2028- Exclusive Report by Adroit Market Research

The Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Market report provides a complete assessment of the market through company profiling and the competitiveness of the local as well as global vendors.

May 17, 2021

Carolina Family Dentistry Charleston SC Article Handling Dental Emergencies

Carolina Family Dentistry of Charleston, South Carolina has released an article aimed at people who might not know what to do if they have a dental emergency.

May 17, 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility Software Market 2021 Business Opportunities | Industry Challenges, Overview, Emerging Trends and Forecast Research Study 2028

The market size for the Corporate Social Responsibility Software Market is anticipated to reach over USD 1,400 million by 2028.

May 17, 2021

Clinical Trial Services Market 2021 Trends, Covid-19 Impact Analysis, Supply Demand Scenario and Growth Prospects Survey till 2027

Clinical Trial Services Market, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market landscape and its growth prospects over the coming years.

May 17, 2021

Air Fryers Sales Surging at 7% CAGR as Consumers Exhibit Greater Inclination for Healthy-Eating: FMI

Launch of novel technologies aimed at assisting consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle is fuelling air fryer sales.

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