Bill Lerner on How Data Analytics is Reshaping Parking Facility Management

92 million Millennials exert their influence on today's marketplace

New York, NY - April 21, 2018 /MarketersMedia/ —

Even in an industry like parking complex development has seen the importance of integrating technology into the everyday workflow, and one way of making the service run smoothly for customers is to integrate big data to make a more convenient experience for the user. Using that data to analyze the needs, locations, designs, rates, and styles of parking his company should provide, Mr. Lerner is working to optimize the entire parking process. The U.S. has more than 2 billion parking spots, many with poorly designed layouts and hard to understand directional signage, making them ripe for improvement from real time apps, smart devices, and detailed information. Analyzing data, Bill Lerner's iPark business used the information to improve the parking experience for a large number of customers in the New York City metropolitan area, putting him right in step with some of the most progressive, populated, congested cities around the world.

As the 92 million Millennials exert their influence on today's marketplace, changing the way companies interact, sell, and do business, Mr. Lerner points to a Goldman Sachs infographic illustrating that these digital natives are completely comfortable with technology. Eager to embrace anything that makes life more convenient, more affordable, and more enjoyable, this age group is an early adopter of concepts like self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, and Smart Cities, offering ways to streamline just about everything, including customer parking needs.

Regarding the notion that Millennials aren't into ownership, The Wall Street Journal notes in an April 21, 2017 article that this group is more likely to participate in sharing economy strategies for cars and rides. That could be interpreted as having a diminishing effect on parking space demand, however, taking the concept a step further, the article adds that when Millennials do need to drive, park, and pay, they are attracted by the simplicity of apps that efficiently direct them to available spaces. Removing the pain points from parking is something that transcends every age group, appealing to drivers and passengers from infants in car seats to busy executives and senior citizens.

President and CEO of Imperial Parking Systems since 1997, Bill Lerner grew up in the parking industry learning the basics from his father. He turned a small family shop into a large owner/operator corporation. Using his 40 years of experience, Bill Lerner is transforming the industry by rebranding his Imperial Parking Systems to iPark, adopting the most comprehensive systems and latest technologies as he sets ever higher standards for effortless customer interaction and a more personal experience. Bill Lerner's name is also associated with his non-profit Billy4Kids organization, which donates shoes to children in developing countries to prevent them from contracting diseases through lack of footwear. Recognized by the Annual Edajo Gives Hope Gala and St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children for three years in a row, Mr. Lerner's good works do much more than help drivers find parking spots as he goes the extra distance to make the world a better, and less frustrating, place.

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