EPA forces VW to correct gas mileage on 98,000 vehicles

Aug 30, 2019

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is making Volkswagen Group correct fuel economy labels for about 98,000 gasoline-powered vehicles

Report: YouTube settles FTC complaint for at least $150M

Aug 30, 2019

A published report says Google will pay at least $150 million to settle a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

APNewsBreak: Coming to national park trails: electric bikes

Aug 30, 2019

Motorized electric bicycles may soon be humming their way into serene national parks and other public lands nationwide

Apple sanctions phone-repair shops for iPhone fixes

Aug 29, 2019

There will soon be more places you can get an Apple-sanctioned fix for a cracked iPhone screen. Apple said Thursday that it will offer tools and parts to independent phone-repair shops in the U.S. and later in other countries

Tesla heads down new road with car insurance in California

Aug 28, 2019

Tesla owners in California can now buy insurance policies from the electric car company in what may be first step toward providing coverage for a fleet of driverless taxis

Eco search engine sees surge in downloads as Amazon burns

Aug 28, 2019

Can you save the rainforest from your desk?

Japan's move to lower South Korea trade status takes effect

Aug 28, 2019

Japan's downgrading of South Korea's trade status has taken effect, a decision that already set off reaction and hurt bilateral relations

Group to help Chicago clear pot arrests during legalization

Aug 27, 2019

Chicago's top prosecutor says a San Francisco-based nonprofit with the technology to analyze criminal records nearly automatically will help Cook County clear tens of thousands of convictions for marijuana possession as part of legalizing use of the drug

Former Google engineer charged in trade secrets theft case

Aug 27, 2019

A former Google engineer is being charged with stealing closely guarded secrets that he later sold to Uber as the ride-hailing service scrambled to catch up in the high-stakes race to build robotic vehicles

China lets currency sink to 11-year low after Trump threats

Aug 26, 2019

China allows yuan to sink to 11-year low against dollar following Trump tariff hike, trade threats

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