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Trump flips on trade pact, weighs rejoining Pacific-Rim deal

Apr 13, 2018

President Donald Trump has asked trade officials to explore the possibility of the United States rejoining negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement he pulled out of during his first days in office as part of his "America first" agenda

Substitute teacher charged with running student 'fight club'

Apr 13, 2018

A former substitute teacher is charged with supervising a student "fight club" at a Connecticut high school

Radioactive sludge barrel ruptures at Idaho nuclear site

Apr 13, 2018

U.S. officials say a barrel of radioactive sludge has ruptured at an Idaho nuclear site

The Latest: Radioactive material washed off 3 firefighters

Apr 12, 2018

Federal officials say three firefighters got a small amount of radioactive material on their skin and were taken to medical facilities as a precaution after a barrel containing radioactive sludge ruptured at an Idaho nuclear site

Mining company fights 'bad actor' polluter label in Montana

Apr 12, 2018

An Idaho mining company was in court Thursday seeking to overturn its designation by Montana officials as an industry "bad actor" because of pollution tied to its CEO

Trump orders faster issuance of air pollution permits

Apr 12, 2018

President Donald Trump is ordering the Environmental Protection Agency to move faster on processing air pollution permits for businesses

The Latest: Judge weighs Montana mining pollution case

Apr 12, 2018

A Montana judge is weighing arguments from an Idaho mining company that says it was unfairly labeled an industry "bad actor" because of pollution, putting two new mines in potential jeopardy

Popular national parks to raise fees to $35, not $70

Apr 12, 2018

The Interior Department is increasing fees at the most popular national parks to $35 per vehicle

Report: Wolves continue comeback in Oregon after eradication

Apr 12, 2018

Oregon officials say wolves continue to make a comeback here after vanishing from the state for decades

Former coal lobbyist confirmed as No. 2 official at EPA

Apr 12, 2018

The Senate on Thursday confirmed a former coal industry lobbyist as the second-highest official at the Environmental Protection Agency, putting him next in line to run the agency if embattled administrator Scott Pruitt is forced out or resigns

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