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AP FACT CHECK: EPA chief sees good in warming, experts don't

Feb 7, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Head of EPA says global warming not necessarily bad, but scientists, government reports say it is dangerous

Water forecast is bleak for major reservoir in Southwest US

Feb 7, 2018

Forecasters say one of the most important reservoirs in the southwestern U.S. will likely collect less than half the normal amount of spring runoff this year because of a dry winter in much of the region

Dinosaur-killing space rock may have triggered sea volcanoes

Feb 7, 2018

A new study says that giant asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs may have done even more, triggering massive undersea volcanic eruptions

Emails: Pruitt monitored changes to EPA webpages on climate

Feb 2, 2018

Newly released emails show EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt monitored efforts to excise much of the information about climate change from the agency's website, especially efforts to reduce planet-warming carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants

Climate change diet: Arctic sea ice thins, so do polar bears

Feb 1, 2018

Study shows some polar bears in the Arctic are shedding pounds when they should be beefing up; scientists blame climate change for dwindling ice

Oklahoma quakes tied to how deep wastewater is injected

Feb 1, 2018

A new study finds how deep wastewater is injected is key to understanding the quake outbreak in Oklahoma

AP FACT CHECK: Data melt Trump's cooling, ice claims

Jan 28, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: Data chill Trump's claims about a warming-but-cooling planet, melting ice

China says its activities in Arctic will bring opportunities

Jan 26, 2018

China says it is interested in exploration and scientific study in the Arctic and Chinese involvement and contributions in the melting polar region will bring opportunities

Alaska quake shows complexity of tsunami warnings

Jan 23, 2018

A tsunami followed a powerful earthquake off the coast of Alaska, but before gauges could show it was very small, alerts went out for a big swath of the state, British Columbia and the West Coast

Quake shakes Indonesia's Java, students injured

Jan 23, 2018

A moderately strong earthquake has shaken the Indonesian island of Java, damaging hundreds of homes and injuring eight students at a school where a roof collapsed

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