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Warming drives spread of toxic algae in US, researchers say

Jun 22, 2018

Toxic algae blooms like one that prompted a recent drinking water advisory in Salem, Oregon, are happening more often and lasting longer across the U.S.

Too hot to handle: Politics of warming part of culture wars

Jun 20, 2018

Three decades after early warnings about global warming, the issue has become entrenched in the nation's culture wars

NOT REAL NEWS: Erupting Hawaii volcano not raining gemstones

Jun 20, 2018

NOT REAL NEWS: Scientists say a Hawaii volcano isn't making gemstones rain from the sky

Warned 30 years ago, global warming 'is in our living room'

Jun 18, 2018

Thirty years ago a NASA scientist said global warming was here in what was called the opening salvo of the age of climate change

Study: 2014 Napa quake may be linked to groundwater changes

Jun 13, 2018

New research suggests the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that rocked California wine country in August 2014 may have been caused by an expansion of Earth's crust due to seasonally receding groundwater under the Napa and Sonoma valleys

Antarctica's ice sheet is melting 3 times faster than before

Jun 13, 2018

Scientists are worried because they see the ice at the bottom of the globe disappearing at an ever faster rate

Scientists: No way to know when Hawaii eruption will end

Jun 8, 2018

Scientists say there's no way to know when the volcano eruption on Hawaii will end or if more lava-spewing vents will open

The heat is back on high: May smashes US temperature records

Jun 6, 2018

Federal scientists say May shattered all kinds of heat records in the United States

New NASA chief vows US will always have astronauts in orbit

Jun 6, 2018

New NASA chief says changes could be ahead for International Space Station but there will always be a U.S. astronaut in orbit

Unhurried hurricanes: Study says tropical cyclones slowing

Jun 6, 2018

A new study finds that since 1949 tropical cyclones across the globe are slowing down by about 10 percent, meaning more heavy rains like in Harvey

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