Residents say tests find toxic chemicals after plant's fire

Oct 3, 2017

Nearly 20 Houston-area residents say test results have detected toxic substances in soil, water and ash samples taken miles from a chemical plant that flooded during Hurricane Harvey several weeks ago, caught fire and exploded

EPA nominee once helped chemical industry, lobbyists

Sep 20, 2017

AP review finds trail of payments from chemical industry, lobbyists to research group run by EPA nominee

Heinz Awards: Doc in Flint, Michigan, water crisis, 4 others

Sep 14, 2017

A pediatrician who helped call attention to childhood health risks from exposure to lead in Flint, Michigan's water supply is one of five people being honored with $250,000 prizes from the Pittsburgh-based Heinz Family Foundation

EPA delayed chemical safety rule after industry complaints

Aug 31, 2017

The Trump administration delayed an Obama-era rule that would have tightened safety requirements for companies that store large quantities of dangerous chemicals such as a chemical plant near Houston that exploded early Thursday

Feds: Texas man tried planting bomb on Confederate statue

Aug 21, 2017

A Houston man has been arrested after being accused by authorities of trying to damage or destroy a Confederate statue at a Houston park with explosives

Aide says Trump wants more West Wing discipline, structure

Jul 30, 2017

A top White House official says President Donald Trump is turning to a retired general for his new chief of staff for more order and discipline in the West Wing

Nicholas Sand, creator of famous Orange Sunshine LSD, dies

May 16, 2017

Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann may have invented LSD in the 1930s, and Timothy Leary was clearly its most prominent frontman in the 1960s. But Nicholas Sand was the chemist who created the most famous version

Court formally throws out more than 21K tainted drug cases

Apr 20, 2017

Massachusetts' highest court has formally approved the dismissal of more than 21,000 drug convictions that were tainted by the misconduct of a former state drug lab chemist

George A. Olah, who won Nobel Prize in chemistry, dies at 89

Mar 10, 2017

George A. Olah, whose work won a Nobel Prize in chemistry and paved the way for more effective oil refining and ways of producing less polluting forms of gasoline, has died at 89

Deported Korean says Malaysia threatened to harm his family

Mar 4, 2017

A North Korean chemist deported from Malaysia has accused police of threatening to kill his family unless he confessed to the murder of the half-brother of North Korea's leader, calling it a plot to tarnish his country's honor

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