Japanese spacecraft to attempt landing on distant asteroid

Feb 21, 2019

Japanese spacecraft approaching asteroid about 280 million kilometers (170 million miles) from Earth

Neptune's newest, tiniest moon likely piece of bigger one

Feb 20, 2019

Neptune's newest and tiniest moon is probably a piece of a larger one nearby

And now for the weather on Mars, courtesy of new NASA lander

Feb 19, 2019

And now for the weather on Mars: NASA's newest lander is providing daily reports online

Year in space put US astronaut's disease defenses on alert

Feb 15, 2019

Scientists find that astronaut who spent nearly a year in space had his immune system go on high alert

NASA declares Mars rover Opportunity dead after 15 years on the red planet

Feb 13, 2019

NASA declares Mars rover Opportunity dead after 15 years on the red planet

NASA about to pull plug on Mars rover, silent for 8 months

Feb 12, 2019

NASA trying one last time to contact its silent Mars rover Opportunity before calling it quits

NASA's faraway space snowman has flat, not round, behind

Feb 11, 2019

Faraway space snowman visited by NASA spacecraft has a flat _ not round _ behind

Pence promises missions to the moon and Mars during ceremony

Feb 7, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence leads the honoring of the nation's fallen astronauts during a NASA day of remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery

UK-built Mars rover named after scientist Rosalind Franklin

Feb 7, 2019

The British-built Mars rover that is scheduled to be launched in 2020 has been named after scientist Rosalind Franklin

NASA, SpaceX aim for March test of 1st new astronaut capsule

Feb 6, 2019

NASA, SpaceX aiming for a March test flight of 1st astronaut capsule from a private company

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