About Us

Humans exist in a particularly interesting period of time where we are able to observe a sizeable portion of our universe through the light traveling to our planet. A lot of discoveries from the big bang to black holes and dark matter are made from these observation.

Another fascinating discovery is that the universe is expanding faster than speed of light - which in turn, is a bringer of bad news. In a distant future, light outside of our galaxy can no longer reach us and as a result, will no longer be observable to us.

But rest assured. That won't happen any time soon, most probably long after the last human is gone. Which brings us back here now.

RedShiftDaily was started out of fascination with what we discover through peering out into the cosmos. From Hubble to Kepler new discoveries are made on a daily basis, shedding light into the true nature of our universe to finding potentially habitable exoplanets we might one day call home.

We've build a team of passionate space enthusiasts to curate and deliver only the best and latest progress in space technology and discovery so you too can share in the excitement.

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